Our Integrated Wealth Management Services

Analysis and planning

  • As a first step, we work to understand the complete picture of your circumstances, including family dynamics and legacy wishes.
  • With a detailed understanding of your needs and priorities, we help to establish specific goals and design a flexible long-term financial plan to reach them.
  • If you have relationships with other advisors or specialized service providers, such as attorneys or accountants, we integrate them into the planning process to ensure alignment and consistency across your financial life.

Research and investment advice

  • We take into account multiple factors to establish your current risk tolerance and time horizon for investing toward various goals.
  • Based on your investment objectives and our global research, we construct portfolios with an appropriate asset allocation, and only recommend the most relevant strategies.
  • We conduct rigorous due diligence on established and emerging alternative managers, and offer unique special situational direct investing opportunities.

Continuous review and optimization

  • Our comprehensive risk management includes ongoing portfolio monitoring and regular re-balancing to maintain appropriate asset-class exposure as your risk tolerance and our outlook change over time.
  • Detailed performance reporting, attribution, benchmarking, and analytics are provided quarterly. We meet with clients routinely and whenever warranted by a change in circumstances. We are always available to address your questions and concerns between scheduled meetings.
  • In addition, we provide support and guidance on an ongoing basis, and are always available to answer questions or respond to immediate needs.

“We are dedicated to being a trusted partner and true financial quarterback for our clients.”