As your partner in managing your complete financial life, we go beyond our core investment management and financial planning offer to bring you additional services tailored to address individual circumstances.

Administrative Services

We offer a wide range of family office administrative services to help each client with their unique needs. Our robust and flexible consolidated reporting capabilities enable our clients to see all their investment holdings (public, private, etc) in one place. We assist clients with such things as money movements, cashflow management, insurance and tax reviews all coordinated with the investment, financial planning, and client service teams.

Family Governance

We work as part of your integrated team, helping to bring together family members, estate attorneys, accountants, and other professional advisors. We help you evaluate various charitable giving strategies, navigate complex family dynamics and guide you in developing a coordinated approach to managing family wealth. We often spend time with our clients’ adult children, educating them and preparing them to be dedicated stewards of family wealth.

Estate Planning

We help you put plans in place to ensure your wealth is preserved and used according to your wishes. We act as a quarterback to gather the necessary information and players, help you secure proper counsel and provide objective guidance throughout the process. We are also able to serve as trustee when needed, giving you security and peace of mind about the future.

Concierge Services

We seek to be your valued partner across the full spectrum of your financial life. That means we are ready to assist with everything from bookkeeping and accounting to bill pay services. Whatever our clients need, whenever they need it, we aim to be their first call.

Equestrian, Auto and Art Services

We bring deep knowledge and perspective on unique alternative assets that allow us to help you evaluate how these passions fit into your overall financial plans. Not only do we have insights into the associated costs, we have extensive expert contacts in these fields, including access to industry leaders and lending resources. We can guide you in considering how these unique assets fit within the context of your complete portfolio and estate plan.